Residential Remodeling in Houston, TX


Maybe your house was the home of your dreams when you first moved in,  but now your tastes have changed. Or maybe your house was the only  thing you could afford when you moved in twenty years ago, and now  you’re ready for an upgrade. It could even be that you find yourself  wishing you had a bigger kitchen or a more open floor plan to better  accommodate all your friends and family when they drop by to visit.

Whatever the reason, if you live in the Houston, TX, area and find  yourself in need of residential remodeling, contact AA Painting. We can  help transform your house into something that you can fall in love with  all over again.


 We have been in the remodeling business for 17 years, which means  that we have extensive experience in designing and creating residential  spaces. If you’re not quite sure about how to achieve the look you want,  our expert staff can offer you suggestions and ideas. 

 Not only is our staff experienced, they are also personable and  willing to answer any questions you might have about what they’re doing  or why they’re doing it a certain way. Our priority is you, and we want  you to know that we will always put your needs first. 

 We focus on designing and building something that will make you  happy. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee—if you are not  satisfied with our creation, we will keep working on it until you are. 

 Along with remodeling the rooms inside your house, we can also  remodel the exterior of your home, as well as repair any damage that may  have been done to your home. Call us today for your complimentary  estimate. 


If you are in the Houston, TX, area and want to get your home  remodeled, contact AA Painting today. Call our office at (281) 757-2121  or email us at